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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  August 19, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ((walter ahead this hour: an elderly man beaten, and left to die. how you can help find his attacker. ((vanessa the fight against the zika virus here in florida. and the groundbreaking research happening right now, in tampa. ((walter plus: ?ever wanted to play ?catch with a dolphin? it happened for one guy... and he ?caught it... on camera. ((walt good morning.. and welcome to good day tampa bay... at 4:00. i'm walter allen. ((vanessa)) and i'm vanessa ruffes... in for jen epstein. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your forecast... with
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new this morning: tampa police are investigating a deadly shooting right now... just outside of downtown tampa. this is happening in the 11 hundred block of nassau street... not far from the university of tampa. and fox 13's ken suarez is live out there right now... ken,
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developing overnight in pinellas county: deputies took a 72 year old man into custody... after a three hour standoff around 8-30 last night when deputies say the man fired his gun several times at the fairhaven mobile home park in st. petersburg. they say he was fighting with his wife. the wife got out safely, but the man refused to leave. he eventually gave up... and is now getting a mental evaluation. developing in seminole heights: an 81-year-old marine and retired teacher... was attacked, robbed and left for dead... in his own backyard. this morning... police are still looking for his attacker. this all happened
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alfred watton's attacker beat him... then stole his red kia sedona-- a family member noticed the car was missing... but watton wasn't discovered until several hours later. yesterday... police named carlos cordero a person of interest. the 47-year-old did housework for the elderly man. investigators say cordero was the last person seen with watton before the attack. they hope cordero can answer some questions--but haven't called him a suspect. watton suffered severe head injuries.... he's currently critical condition. the license plate number on that red kia sedona -- z-4-s-w-c. the polk county sheriff's office just busted a big crime ring. but not ?everyone is behind bars. four people have been arrested, and deputies are looking for three more. the sheriff says the men and women targeted walmart stores throughout the southeast.. surveillance pictures shows them stealing nearly 180-
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the course of 2 years. the sheriff says the gang focused on high-priced electronics: a crimestoppers reward is being offered for the three other suspects who are currently on the run. all seven are facing racketeering charges and could face up to 30 years in prison. an update now on the zika virus in florida. and the number of cases just took a big jump. ?18 travel- related cases were reported thursday, along with two more ?local cases in miami-dade county. and there could be a new "hot spot" in miami beach. city officials are
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there are now more than five ?hundred cases here in florida. and the problem isn't just in ?south florida. take a look at this map. these are all the ?travel- related zika cases confirmed, in the tampa bay area as of today. at least 54 of them. polk county has the ?most at 16 cases... and hillsborough is right behind with 14 cases. state lawmakers will be meeting today in tampa... to talk about the zika virus. usf is hosting a zika health conference. it's taking place at the patel center for global sustainability. representatives kathy castor and david jolly wi part, along with some of the state's top researchers. right before the meeting, lawmakers will also tour u-s- f's mosquito lab, where they are researching treatments. and researchers have a new way to find a cure for the zika virus... but they need some ?very brave volunteers. they're looking for healthy, non-pregnant volunteers to ?infect them with the zika virus.. it's for a study this winter called the "human challenge." it will help scientists understand the
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if government regulators agree, researchers could be injecting paid volunteers with different amounts of lab-grown zika as early as december at a hospital in baltimore. and another health concern here in the bay area: a deadly bacteria. it's called "vibrio vul-ni-fi-cus" and it lives in warm, brackish seawater. one person in sarasota has now died from it. health officials say he or she contracted the disease by eating raw shellfish. although cases rare... fox 13's doctor jo
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when someone gets vibrio, the infected area will likely become red and blister. those blisters may be cloudy or filled with a fluid... and will spread. fever or shock after eating raw shellfish are also symptoms. as doctor jo mentioned-- the bacteria can take hold quickly.... so seek medical attention immediately. the polk county school district has a new plan to save five ?failing schools. they all received a "d" or "f" grade from the state... and are in jeopardy of closing... if things don't turn around. the middle schools involved: denison... kathleen... lake alfred... boone... and westwood. school leaders just met with parents to discuss an improvement plan, that has already been submitted to the state for approval. it includes adding academic coaches or more teachers at each of the schools. the district has also set aside one-million-dollars for extra resources. if the state does ?not approve the district's plan... closure ?isn't the only option. a third party could try and help manage the schools... or the schools can opt into a
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and ?another polk county school has addressed its overcrowding. the capacity for "citrus ridge civics academy" in davenport is 14- hundred. but more than 15-hundred students enrolled last week. students who enrolled and started attending classses ?will be allowed to stay at citrus ridge.. the school district will now bring in portable classrooms within the next 4 to 6 weeks. in the meantime.. they will use lab rooms as temporary classrooms. an update now, on the flooding in louisiana. ?worst natural disaster, since superstorm sandy. 13 people have died. and 40-thousand homes have been damaged.((more)) the flooding is not only taking a toll on the people... but animals too. the humane society of tampa bay just took in over a ?dozen dogs from louisiana. and they could be ready to adopt, as soon as today. 18 dogs from louisiana were dropped off at the tampa location on thursday. these dogs were ?not actually pulled from the floodwaters. they were removed from shelters in louisiana so they
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were displaced by the storm. local officials say it's all about helping one another: tampa took in mainly puppies and small breed dogs. they are undergoing spaying, neutering and micro- chipping. the dogs should be ready for adoption as soon as today. if not, they the humane society opens today at noon. and new this morning: a video just sent to us ... from a fox 13 viewer. and it shows some dolphins... going fishing. but of course they don't use a fishing pole... just their fins. michael from "see through canoe" recorded this group of dolphins wednesday near fort desoto, while they were feeding. at one point... a dolphin tosses a fish right out of the water, and apparently right at michael's boat! it traveled about 30 feet, and
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although its not clear if the dolphin was really ?aiming the fish... but still a pretty powerful fin! the u-s swimming scandal is really hitting some rough waters now. up next: why the four americans could now face some serious charges. and... new this morning: up, up , and away! while you were sleeping... there was a stellar sight, in the sky. break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40endbrk: 1:30
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least two swimmers... including ryan lochte... could now face ?criminal charges, for filing a false police report. and the ?other two swimmers... are finally heading home. "gunnar bentz" and "jack conger" flew out of rio late last night. brazilian authorites ?held them in brazil, until they testified about the incident. lochte had already flown home when the scandal started, and a fourth swimmer is hoping to head home soon... after ?revising his story. he just met with a judge overnight. brazilian authorities announced yesterday that the swimmers made up a story about an armed robbery. they released surveillance video from a gas station in rio, where the swimmers are accused of breaking into a bathroom and vandalizing the place. when they tried to leave... a security guard ordered them to pay for the damages. brazil has ?not filed any charges yet. and "u-s-a swimming" is also considering ?penalties against the swimmers, for violating its code of conduct. get ready to see a lot more donald trump on your television today. but not
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according to the wall street journal, trump will begin airing his first ?endorsed television ads today, in several swing states... including florida. trump's campaign says it plans on buying even ?more airtime , after september first. so far, trump hasn't aired a single t-v ad...since getting the republican nomination. this morning in space... astronauts are getting a new "parking spot." the crew of the international space station will do a spacewalk... to install this new ?gateway, for commercial spaceships. the adapter was space-x. nasa astronauts jeff williams and kate rubins will help install it. once it's operational, spaceships will be able to dock with the station... ?automatically, without any help from the astronauts. and new this morning: another successful launch, of a delta-four rocket. it took off from cape canaveral, just before one this morning. the rocket...from the united launch alliance... is carrying a "neighborhood watch" satellite. the
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surveillance for the u-s air force so they can watch out for threats.
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time to talk some sports this morning. and we begin, with another olympic recap. it was another exciting day on the track... as we gear up for the final days of the summer games. the fastest man in the world... not slowing down yet. "usain bolt" won the men's 200 meter dash last night. he's now won that race ?three olympics in a row... and he's the first olympian from ?any country to pull that off. bolt also won the 100 meter race earlier this week... winning ?that race three olympics in a row as well. and bolt is hoping to complete his "triple-triple" by winning the "four by 100" meter relay race later today. that would give him three wins in a row in ?that event
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today he would also tie the olympic record for most career gold medals in track... at nine. another runner to pull that off? american carl lewis. and... american "ashton eaton" just earned the title, "world's greatest athlete." that's because he won the mens decathlon. and he's now won the title... ?two olympics in a row. only two other olympians have ever done that. eaton held off in the final event thursday... the 15 hundred meter. and eaton had a lot to celebrate with his wife... "brianne thiesen-eaton." she won ?bronze in the heptahlon last week.. for team canada. and now, to the baseball diamond. but not the major leagues... ?little league.
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kicked off yesterday in williamsport, pennyslvania. and one of the teams... is from my home town! "warwick north" represented the new england region in the first day of competition thursday. they were taking on a team from new york, representing the mid-atlantic. and warwick got beat... by the other pitcher. and not just from pitching. new york's "ryan harlost" pitched five shutout innings... and also hit a three run homer in the first inning! oh and he inning. warwick loses the game, 7 -2. this is a double elimination tournament, so warwick plays again tomorrow afternoon against the northwest. when we come back, i'll
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plus... from lagers... to lobstas... we've got a
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? ? ? the best way to get together, is with the treat you make together. weekend, in tampa bay.
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looking to get out of the house thiseet ppenings going on the bay ar t weekend, at the glazers children museum. that's because it's hosting a "beer fest" tomorrow. there will be more than 90 craft beers to choose from... while adults get to play with the games and exhibits. there will also be beer-friendly cuisine. advanced tickets cost between 50 and 100-dollars. its going to and 125 at the door. and obviously... this event is 21 and up. craving something sweet? the annual great st. pete cupcake contest is taking place saturday afternoon. this year the contest is moving to the morean arts center... due to last year's overwhelming response. there is a 15-dollar entry fee for each participant. and each participant is required to bring at least 4 cupcakes. the contest will take place from noon to three. there is no admission fee, but it is one-dollar per vote to try the
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why not enjoy some lobster this weekend? the tampa bay lobster fest is taking place in clearwater tomorrrow. it's at the kapok special events center. ?live maine lobsters are being flown in just for the event. there will also be live music, crafts, wine samples and a sweet street of desserts. it's going to cost you 10-dollars for admission plus 25-dollars for dinner. or maybe grilled cheese is more your speed. manasota grilled cheese festival is taking place in sutton park saturday in palmetto. more than 20 food and dessert trucks will be on hand serving up gourmet grilled cheese and desserts. there will also be arts and crafts and live entertainment. its free, but you will have to pay for sandwiches. still ahead in our next half hour: turning disability... into drive. the local group that's helping find jobs... for some ?very determined workers plus... fox 13's ken suarez
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someone has been ?killed overnight:
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?? ?? ? ba da ba ba ba ?
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